Best gear for cam shows?

What’s the best gear you can use on cam?

Lots of cam girls use sex toys in their cam shows. It’s a common practice, specially among those who do solo shows. The lack of a partner is no excuse to make proper cam shows, and with the current sex toys on sale, even less.

One of them is quite popular today, is called, the “Ohmibod” and it is a dildo that can receive signals from a mobile phone. Many girls use it to have orgasms while getting tips from their spectators. Everytime an user tips the model, produces a sound in the chat room. That sound makes the ohmibod vibrate and the model gets some satisfaction.

Many customers are naughty and give many tips in small quantities. That keeps the ohmibod working all the time, which is a nice way to keep your favourite cam girl sexually pleased.

If you are not into this type of thing, you can use a more traditional dildo, available on any sex shop. Choose your desired size and make your followers drool. Another easy way to keep your customers pleased is to use the so called “fucking machines”. They imitate the penetration movement, in and out, and some cam girls use it on their shows. Is not a cheap alternative ( cheapest ones cost around 60 dollars ) but you’ll get immediate satisfaction with little effort.

The best gear of course is to bring your boyfriend, husband or friend to your cam show. There’s nothing like a good cock and your followers will compensate you accordingly. The best gear for cam shows is something you really need to maximize your profits and to be a worthy cam girl. Most successful perfomers use toys for their shows and you should too, especially if you’re alone. Having one of these things could mean the difference between life and death, success or failure, fun or boredom.