The best payment method for cam girls?

Cam sites offer different payment methods for it’s broadcasters. The main factor to be reckoned with is your country of residence. The most famous cam sites often offer wire transfer or direct deposit as their main payment methods, but only for performers within the US.

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That leaves all foreigners with far less atractive options, like Payoneer or other e-wallets, with high comissions and some dirt traps when it comes to transferring the money to your main bank account.

The most realiable payment method for a cam girl living in the USA is without a doubt. direct deposit, because is quick, safe, and it has less commissions. The second one would be wire-transfer and the 3rd one would be Payoneer, but we can’t see a reason why you would to get your money by Payoneer.

On the other hand, for those living in the rest of the world. Payoneer is probably the best choice, because you can get your money rather quickly and you can use your Payoneer card on any ATM. The worst part, as we said, the commissions. You’ll have to pay 29 dollars each year thanks to the maintenance fee, and everytime you make a payment, or withdraw money from an ATM, you´ll lose money thanks to the commissions.

Apart from that there’s not much choice. Paxum is the other supported e-wallet, but it has even bigger commissions than Payoneer, so it’s not recommended. To finish remember that on some cam sites there may be chargebacks if the customer was not satisfied with the show they got. Not on the ones we told you, Chaturbate is safe in that regard and you shouldn’t be concerned about that. Our advice is to concentrate on your shows and on ways to make money fast. At first it might be a bit complicated, but we’re sure you´ll make it.