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There are lots of women interested in cam sites, and they all ask about the same things: Privacy, how much money they can make, if the site is reliable… that sort of thing. I’ve seen almost every website there on the matter, and all of them tell the same story. Agencies and studios all over the place looking to recruit girls for them, and of course, promising you huge earnings from day 1…

The best cam sites have the highest traffic

The only good sources of information i’ve found about cam sites, are, which is a nice site with testimonials and good comments about some cam sites, and stripperweb, which is a forum with a section dedicated to us. It’s quite difficult to find good sources of information about this, but luckily there are some.

I wish i had this kind of info when i started to do cam shows. I knew nothing about the job, and i signup with the first site i encountered. It went reasonably well, but i know there are scams everywhere and you should tread lightly. As the articles on the site i mentioned, it’s all about choosing famous and reliable webcam sites. Those have hundreds of perfomers online everyday and they pay on time, which is precisely what you want. Every 2 weeks you’ll get your money and that’s all that matters.

I’ve met many girls online during the time i was a cam girl and i talked with them about which site they considered to be the best. There was not a common opinion about it. Some said it was Chaturbate, other’s MFC, and other’s Streamate. It’s clear that what worked for some, didn’t for the rest. In my personal experience, Chaturbate and Cam 4 worked really well, and i made quite a profit with them. Both are free chat type cam sites and you earn tokens provided by the visitors. Tokens have a monetary value, often of just a few cents, but are easy to earn and by working a few hours a day you can earn more than if you were at the office.

Working from home is a dream for many, and you can do it now thanks to all of these cam sites. Just imagine how convenient is to get up whenever you want, turn on the computer and work for as long as you want, everyday…

There are of course some things you need to consider. One of them is how many hours do you want to work. Normally is not necessary to work 8 hours as you would in a normal job. Here is much more common to work between 2 and 4 hours. More is too much and will get you tired rather quickly. To make a good profit just focus on make the most after the first half hour. By then you should have your room, full of people. Tell them you plan, how you want to be compensated, what you’ll do once they pay and from then it will be easy.

The best paying cam sitesĀ are famous, trustworthy, with plenty of performers

best cam sites

Just remember not to do anything you don’t want. Beggars and trolls can be quicked out of your room easily, and just pay attention to those who have money in their user accounts. The others are not important. Good shows are always rewarded by the viewers, just do it everyday, and you’ll have people in your room paying.

Other common practice is to broadcast with some one close to you, a friend with benefits, your boyfriend, another couple… that has one drawback: You’ll have to share what’s earned with the others, but in exchange is a much more fun way to do shows, and hours will pass flying. It is also a much more exciting way to cam, because let’s be honest, it’s not the same to be fucking privately that doing it on cam, on the eyes of 5000 people. I remember i did it a few times, and i always felt the rush.

I always tried to make good shows for the audience. They are who pay and deserve the best, and if they ask you something, you should comply, unless it is a totally unacceptable thing. Ask them nicely to pay and that when they do, you’ll pay back them with an unforgettable cam show.

That’s the only way i know to make profit. If you keep a good relationship with your regular customers it’ll be much easier to make money, because they will not hesitate hand the money over to you. I’ve seen many times a lot of customers really wanting to know about me and even asking for my phone, address… really crazy thing. If they fall in love with you, it will be a lot easier to get the money from them, just because they’ll feel entitled to it.

I hope my thoughts help you in the world of webcams adn that you make as much as i did. i’m retired now, but i know a lot about the business and i think i can be helpful if someone reaches out to me.