My opinion on Bongacams

I started using Bongacams a few years ago and at first i thought it was shit. No money, no members watching my room. Definitely something was wrong but i didn’t know what.

opinion on bongacams

I asked for help to other girls and i finally came up with something that improved my performance by 1000%.

Turns out i was not agressive enough when camming. All the girls i asked told me that on Bongacams you have to be a real slut. No teasing, no playing the waiting game, just go out there and show your pussy to the whole fucking world.

Rub it, spit it, fuck it, whatever, but let the world know how slutty you are. I took the advice very seriously and at first it was hard, because i’m not that kind of person ( or at least i want to believe that ). After some days increasing my sluttiness and seeing how my income was rising i decided to go and buy some beers.

I took 2 one after another and then i went straight to broadcast. That was the day i made more money. About $800 in just one hour. It was crazy. Then i realized how much more sluttier i needed to be to make the kind of money i wanted.

From then on i start all my shows naked. I bring friends. I suck their dicks… the lot. Everything for the money. And it’s not going bad. In the last year since the last post i made more than $20k so i’m quite satisfied with how being a slut pays off.

My next goal is to reach  $40k a month. To do that i plan to go to the gym, get fake boobs, and go to the solarium to get that porn star look.

I’m sure i will reach that money. After all, now i’m a real bitch.