Never give up when camming


Camming is a difficult task. Not only there is a lot of competition, but also you have to figure out the way to make money quickly. If you don’t, you’ll probably give up and try something else. My advice is to never give up. My first days as a webcam model were tough, i couldn’t get any customers at all and i thought more than once that i was wasting my time and that my efforts were not rewarded.

That changed the day i met Krista. I was watching her room and i tipped her. She thanked me and we started chatting. I asked her for advice and surprisingly she accepted. She taught me amazing tips and tricks and from then on things started to run a lot more smoothly for me. My first ever tip came the day after and since then has been an amazing ride for me. 2 years have passed now and my earnings today are really high. On normal days i make over $ 300 and i’m online a couple hours tops.

So for me it’s an amazing feeling. My point is, never give up and keep trying until you get what you want. You have to fight for it. The first months or days can be tough, but i can assure you that at some point you will be rewarded. It can take a day, a month or even a year. You only need perseverance and be ready to learn something every day.