What else can you do to make money on cam?

Aside from making money from cam shows, there are other ways to make money. One of them is selling videos and pictures on your chat room. It’s extremely simple, you just have to shoot some sexual videos and upload them to your room. Easy enough right?

The same can be said about pictures. Upload some spicy pictures to your chat room, and wait for your regulars to buy them. That is of course if you don’t mind to be seen outside your chat room. Once you sell videos or pictures it’s game over to your privacy. Many girls who have made this their main job or activity to earn money do not mind this ( to be recognized ), in some cases probably their familiy knows, in other cases maybe not, the point is you are comfortable doing what you do.

Privacy is always the first concern that comes to mind when talking about webcam jobs, but in most cases, blocking your home country is more than enough to be safe. There may be cases where someone recorded your show and uploaded it elsewhere. In that case, if you find out your show is on some tubesite, ask politely to their webmaster to remove it. If they refuse, you can escalate it talking directly with your cam site. If it’s a reliable one like Chaturbate they´ll take care of it and it will be removed quickly.

I’ve seen many cam shows on tube sites around the web, and they’re still there. That’s maybe because they haven’t been flagged or the person who made them thinks it’s fine. If you don’t mind it’s ok, but if you want them removed, talk to your cam site’s support.

Another thing you can do, is to make private shows through Skype. Once you have good list of regular’s promote to them using email, facebook, twitter, whatever, and make private shows, with one one taking money  from you, even the cam site. Many girls do it this way, and while it is a bit more complicated, it can give you a nice extra income.