What needs to be done to make lots of money in adult webcams?

I am already an experienced cam girl. I’ve been in the business for many years working for cam sites like Chaturbate or Streamate, and i know exactly what customers want when they go to a cam site. They want a good show, something they get excited about and want to pay as little as possible. Over the years i’ve faced many situations where i couldn’t decide what to do next. Go private, keep broadcasting in public? It’s something you have to deal with everyday. With time, you’ll know what’s better in every situation.

When i was new, i used to spend the day fully naked waiting for tips. A little dance here, some pussy rubbing there, and yes, i made money, but somehow i felt it was not the right strategy, so decided to twist it a bit and i started investigating what the other cam girls were doing.

After some boring days looking to other’s cams, i came to one conclusion. I needed to start dressed and then take my clothes off depending on the tips i got. So i bought a couple of sexy outfits for my purpose and started doing my job. It’s important to tease a bit from time to time, not too much, to give your viewers an incentive to pay. If you don’t show anything, you’ll be¬†shooting yourself in the foot.


Another thing you can do is to promise an amazing private show to all who paid the ticket. That’s very easy to do with one of the Chaturbate’s apps ( Crazy Ticket ) and allows you to make lots of money selling tickets for a private cam show you’ll do later on.

Right now it’s my main source of income. When you have over 2000 regulars everyday it’s very easy to sell tickets for a cheap price, especially if you promise to do a show with your boyfriend. Couple’s shows get a great deal of attention on Chaturbate, because people love the interaction between 2 sex partners.